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Long live Sousuke.



CE: Trick or Treat? by glorypaintGR
CE: Trick or Treat?
My entry for :iconeelball:'s Halloween Contest :happybounce:
I'm having so much fun with glowing effects :dummy: A bit less with backgrounds :grumpy:
However, have a Skull Melotina ringing at your door to get candies :D

Art by me
OC by Eelball
LIN 201: Rising Water by glorypaintGR
LIN 201: Rising Water
:iconotherworlde: :iconotherworlde: :iconotherworlde:

Neos M. Glennson - LIN 201 Assignment (October)

Written Magic and Spoken Magic work in quite similar ways.
I used a spell to lift a column of water, using both Written and Spoken Magic.

The differences I found are these:
-WM is quicker than SM to active, but it takes time to write the spell... even if it depends on the spell you want to cast.
-WM is more precise, because you can written exactly what you want to do. For SM you can only use a word but you must focus on what you want.
-the effect of WM can last longer because you use magic on a piece of paper or else, instead of the target of the spell.
-SM is more powerful and more dispersive, WM works only in a limited range.


Just to add a bit of description about the task <3 He had to use the same spell using both Written and Spoken Magic.
It was a simple spell, not dangerous at all c:
Please, notice the "great" yeahright I made XD Totally pitiful T-T
I GOT AN ART BLOCK! Art Block Stamp by Khrinx I can't draw anything ;^; I mean, I have tons of characters but I don't know what they could draw on my sheets :nuu:

So please, if you can think about something suggest me something DX You can suggest a situation, a costume, something one of them they could say...You can also link some of your OCs that I might draw :D
What I draw:
-human/kemos versions of furry OCs ^W^

The sketch I'll make will be put in the next sketch collage :D 27/09/14 Sketches Collage 2 by glorypaintGR

I know I have two contest entries to submit, two chibies for onelittlefurrycat and OW's assignments but I've already done the sketches for them all...but I SERIOUSLY need something new to draw C:

LIFE UPDATE: school is boring...I mean, it's so so so tiring...I almost have no written exercises to do but I have to study almost 20 pages for every single damn subject NUUUUUU But during some lessons I can afford to draw a bit hehehe

Last Submissions:
AT: Melotina by glorypaintGRKemonomimi OCs by glorypaintGROtherWorlde: Neos' App Y2 by glorypaintGR

As usual, if you want to ask me anything, please do :D

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First of all, happy birthday little shark whale!!! ( Mah little Sousuke >w< ) :happybounce:

Second, awful news, SUMMER HOLIDAYS ARE OVER!!!Cry run  I can't believe that summer is already finished, why can't it be eternal?! Cry forever  I don't want to go back school tomorrow...I have to wake up at 6 a.m. to get the bus at 7.10, and school starts at 8.05 Cry emote Somebody tells me that it's only a nightmare! :sad: Me is so sad... ;^;

After this sad moment, let's go back to the update:

Bullet; Blue Due to the school beginning, art trades, requests and other are closed ;^; I might re-open commissions sometimes, but I still don't know how many homework I'll have to do this year ;^; I have a new subject, Philosophy, and I should also start English Literature :cry: I'm so sorry! After I finish the last two commissions (for Eelball and Nika2014, that I have already started), I don't even know if I'll be able to post a thing every week T^T I feel quite depressed...I should be able to enter a contest but for other things...don't know...

Bullet; Blue Though I probably won't be able to post things, I'll always be on dA to reply to comments, notes and whatever :D So, if you want to RP with any of my OCs, you're welcome to ask ;P I still have to reply to SAMSXCS last reply to our RP with Neos and Stein - I'm sorry! I'll try to reply tomorrow!

Bullet; Blue :iconotherworlde: It's a luck that Neos got the Heart thing from prof.Razik, so I can even don't make up his assignments for this month Phew! I've already prepared his sketch for his new App, hopefully he should pass the classes :giggle: Maybe I'll try at least to make LIN 102's one since it seemed to be the easiest one :)

Bullet; Blue :iconan-d3: The group is finally open! Please, come give it a look, we need members, Luke feels alone in there :giggle: Hope we'll receive some visitors! Wave

Bullet; Blue As usual, if you want to ask anything about my OCs, or directly to them (AskBox thing), please do :D I'd be glad to answer your questions :D

Bullet; Orange Carson's World's Update:
-My boy is pretty upset and angry because of his father. So, he's in a grumpy mood all the day.
-On the other hand, Kenny is happy like i-don't-know-what :giggle: Always wandering around, trying to convince his bro to follow him on his adventures.
-Cole (remember? What is happening to me... by glorypaintGR ==>I don't want to scare you... by glorypaintGR), after turning E.V.O. and getting also a full-crazy form, got normal! :dummy: He's still really exhausted, can barely stood up, but finally he's at home with his GF and team :happycry:
-Tory and Frost got married! They knew they're pretty young, but, with the risk of becoming E.V.O.s from a moment to another, they preferred doing it fast :giggle: Now, they're on their honeymoon :aww:
-Nega is pretty depressed, with no Stilio and no Cole to keep down Mitch, he's been through all sort of experiments small> why do I love torturing my OCs?!

-Diego is somewhere around the world, keeping in touch with his beloved Ky and finding a lot of treasures. He's planning to buy an house for them X3

Bullet; Blue I've already drawn a lot of new OCs, widened the Neko's band (that now counts Nai, Yoku, Aris, Krei, Crai Mad and Stoulfer lol names ) and other characters that probably I'll never use :facepalm: Somebody stops me.

Bullet; Blue Thank you for more than 15.328 pageviews :iconomgsocuteplz: I love you, guys!!! Thank you so much!

____________-____________---_____-___---_-________ FiNiSh UpDaTe....

Good night! a sparkle night 
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Tagged by :iconnika2014:

So, yeah, I decided to do it because I wanted to do something like this :giggle: And it's not me who has to answer :XD:


1. Choose some of your OCs

2. Make your OCs answer these questions

3. Tag other people

Chosen OCs: poor babies

-Carson: Salazar Brothers by glorypaintGR (on the left)

-Neos:OtherWorlde App: Neos by glorypaintGR

-Luke: Luke's App by glorypaintGR

-Nai: Nekos First Trio by glorypaintGR (central one)

-Kevin: Kevin and Jev Pxl by glorypaintGR (on the left)

-A. How old are you?
Carson: I’m 19.
Neos: S-sixteen...
Luke: Around 500, I keep the count on my diary ^_^
Nai: Why do you care? 21, however...
Kevin: 16.

-B. Do you want a hug?
Carson: Uhm...okay, I guess.
Neos: N-no, thanks...
Luke: All the hugs you want! :happybounce: 
Nai: F*** you. Yawn 
Kevin: Not even if you pay me :| (Blank Stare) 
-C. Have any bad habits?
Carson: I tend to eat a lot of sugar...wait, is it a bad habit?
Neos: I don’t speak a lot...and I’m always quite nervous...
Luke: How do you dare ask? Tantrum 
Nai: Everything I do seems to be a bad habit or thing.
Kevin: Nothing that you should care about...
-D. Are you a virgin?
Carson: //////////// Y-yes, still....
Neos: Of course!!!
Luke: What does it mean? Confused 
Nai: Hell yeah.Greetings 
Kevin: Who cares about those things? Yes, anyway.
-E. Have any kids?
Carson: No.
Neos: Of course not!
Luke:  No, but I like them :D
Nai: *shivers* Puah, kids... Dead (RIP) 
Kevin:  Who cares about kids, they're just nuisances...
-F. Favorite food or drink?
Carson: Meringues X3
Neos: Soft-berries.
Luke: Cakes! And biscuits! Oh, and ice-cream! And pies....
Nai: I like puddings.
Kevin: Pizza and coffee.

-G. Killed anyone?
Carson: Uhm, theorically no.
Neos: N-never....
Luke: :saddummy: This question makes me cry...I'd never do such a thing!
Nai: Nah...
Kevin: In videogames? A lot. Real life? Never touched anyone.
-H. Hate anyone?
Carson: Grump Yes. Cole.
Neos: Well, I don’t like a certain person so much...
LukeSad dummy 
Nai: Ah ah, yes. You and the rest of the world. (Yoku: Hey! Aris: He’s kidding, don’t worry Facepalm )
Kevin: A lot of people...well, maybe not “hate” but “dislike” for sure.
-I. Any secrets?
Carson: ////// Can we talk about something else? (Kenneth: He got a tattoo!!!)
Neos: I’m scared of...not important...
Luke: I have a bunny hoodie! And a cat hoodie!
Nai: I’m not going to tell you. Grump 
Kevin: Hah, passwords?
J. Love anyone?
Carson: -////- Still the same person....
Neos: the moment.
Luke: I love all my friends! We’re like a big family!!!
Nai: -.- Of course not.
Kevin: Geez, no.
-K. What is your job?
Carson: I was a kind of I’m
Neos: Student, at a Dark Arts academy.
Luke: Leader of the Pacifistics group! Trying to bring peace between Demonics and Angelics! :happybounce: 
Nai: Lazy guy.
Kevin: Gamer.
-L. Favorite season?
Carson: Winter....everything is so calm and silencious in it...
Neos: Autumn...not too cold, not too hot. Not too luminous nor too darker.
Luke: Spring and Summer!!!
Nai: Whatever... Just let me sleep in the morning.
Kevin: Summer...there’s no school.
-M. Who's your best friend?
Carson: A lovebird who got married and seems to have forgotten me... (Kenneth: And me?!)
Neos: Uhm, m-my brother.
Luke: Every single Pacifistics :D
Nai: Don’t have bestfriend. (Yoku: Hey! Aris: He’s kidding, Yoku. Don’t worry)
Kevin: Jev, game-partner.
-N. Hobbies?
Carson: Reading...spending time in my lab...Hating my father...
Neos: Studying...and exploring the forest...
Luke: Cooking!!! Want a biscuit?
Nai: Sleeping.
Kevin: Playing videogames and making gameplays.
-O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Carson: Oh....probably I’ll go out somewhere...
Neos: Enjoying the day...wait, it started raining...
Luke: Don’t know :) Whatever I want, I suppose.
Nai: I’ll go sleeping.
Kevin: Back to my Assassin’s Creed game.
-P. What is your eye color?
Carson: Light blue. Like ice, you know?
Neos: Shiny and glowing light blue...I look like a lamp...
Luke:  Green!!!
Nai: Red-orange.
Kevin: Brown, normal brown.
-Q. Are you good? Or bad?
Carson: Good, I think. But on the good side, for sure.
Neos: Uhm, good? O_o 
Luke: Good! I’m a pacific creature :)
Nai: Neutral.
Kevin: Bah, I don’t know...
-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?
Carson: I’d like...a smoothie. Or a meringue. I’m hungry.
Neos: My family, all of it.
Luke: A fluffy bunny or kitty...or a soft pillow X3
Nai: A cactus...or some pudding.
Kevin: The last version of a game I saw on Internet. It’s taking ages to arrive.
-S. What is your greatest fear?
Carson: S-scorpions....Don’t try to put one near me, please.
Neos: Heights...And small closed places.
Luke: Uhm, getting wet. I hate getting wet. Oh, and I’d be terrified if something touched my wings.
Nai: Getting an unwanted person in my house, that is already full of brats. (Yoku: Hey! Aris: -.-)
Kevin: Loosing a game...or lack of electricity.
-T. Does your name have a special meaning?
Carson: Uhm, I don’t know. Never asked.
Neos: It should be something like “Neon” know, those glowing lights...
Luke: My true name refers to Light (Luxer), Archangel because I’m one and Primus because I’m the first Archangel...or most important.
Nai: Nah...Oh, I don’t know.
Kevin: It’s a cool name, I’m cool with it.
-U. You have sisters or brothers?

Carson: A brother, yes. Little troublemaker and annoying ex-killer.
Neos: Nine :)
Luke: No, unfortunately. Angels don’t have families. They were born from light.
Nai: A crazy freak sadistic psycho.
Kevin: Luckily no.
-W. Where do you live?
Carson: United States of America...Can’t tell the exact location, reserved info.
Neos: At the moment at OtherWorlde.
Luke: In a town, pacific town :)
Nai: I won’t tell you so you won’t be able to find me again.
Kevin: Europe...
-X. Do you find yourself attractive?
Carson: Uhu, what do you mean? I think I’m quite attractive for girls ^^;
Neos: Oh, I don’t know.
Luke: I’m cute :happybounce: 
Nai: Yes. I like my face.
Kevin: Quite.
Y. What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off?
Carson: Ah ah ah. Too embarassing.Disbelief  (Kenneth: Once he was-) Shut up!
Neos: Embarassed myself in front of other people...trying to cover in every way my hair...
Luke: Oh, I can’t remember. Giggle 
Nai: Not a word about it.
Kevin: Epic fail on my first time playing with L4D.
-Z. Any last words?
Carson: Bye!
Neos: G-goodbye.
Luke: Come again! I’d be pleased to speak with you again! Wave 
Nai: Finally it’s over.
Kevin: Back to my beloved Xbox.

TAGGED: Who wants to do it, I don't like tagging X3
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