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The cutest swimmer everrrr


My horse bae <333

And freckled Jesus


Mikorin cxcxcx

BasketBall Husband Bae


Haikyuu - Yu Nishinoya by thth18Haikyuu - Tetsuro Kuroo by thth18Haikyuu - Tobio Kageyama by thth18
(made by thth18)




Not fine by glorypaintGR
Not fine
just because I'm in a full mood for Clapollo
and the Cosmic Turnabout is both great and sad
precious red lawyer who is still my fave attorney of the series
Clay Terran by glorypaintGR
Clay Terran
Clay Terran from Ace Attorney Dual Destinies

How is it possible that he gives me so many feels?
He's such an interesting character ;v; Too little space was dedicated to him get the pun //slapped

Well, quick portrait because this kiddo is adorable.

//cries in the background
OW Kit 3rd Year App by glorypaintGR
OW Kit 3rd Year App
 :iconotherworlde:  :iconotherworlde:  :iconotherworlde:

Kit's back again! :dummy:Lazy coloring because I am lazy...but the lineart is nice Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1]
It's winter, so he has to dress up more...he doesn't like that.

Too hot for you.Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 
Tattoo and Anatomy Reference | RP Info | RP Tracker
1st Year App | 2nd Year App

Yellow Square Bullet Basic Information Yellow Square Bullet 

Name: Kit X
Nicknames: Kitkat, Kittie
Age: 19
Height: 1,73 m / 5' 8''
Gender: usually male, but he is actually agender/gender-fluid.
Sexuality/Romantic Orientation: pansexual, gray-romantic
Species: Dragon hybrid
Species Description: he's half-dragon and half-shapeshifter. He has a human appearance with dragon features but he seems to have only shapeshifter's abilities.

    •    Shapeshifting: can change his various features and in some cases he can copy a person's appearances. However, he rarely copies other people because it is quite exhaustive for him, especially when it comes to changing heights and weights. He could also modify his internal organs and cells.
    •    Flying: he has big wings, so he can fly high and fast.
    •    Easy Elementalism: he owns a talisman with which he can create small rustles of wind
    •    Fetishes Creation: he uses small spirits/demons to curse objects to prank others

Yellow Square Bullet Academic Information Yellow Square Bullet 

Level: Advanced :facepalm: 
CoursesPTS 101, BST 102, LIN 101

Passed Courses: NEC 102, SHD 103, ELM 103, CRS 102
Experience: 651
Roommate: Gabe Kit was kicked out of the Bone dorm, so he might want someone to tease all the time, be prepared
Lover: Aiden, birb girl, but who knows how it will go Roll Eyes 

Yellow Square Bullet Personal Information Yellow Square Bullet 

    •    Himself
    •    Mirrors
    •    Colorful things
    •    Odd, shining trinkets
    •    Things made of gold
    •    Hot
    •    Flirting
    •    Sunlight
    •    Some cute things, some cute people
    •    Having a scythe, though he had it for too little time 
    •    Flying over the Academy

    •    People he doesn't like
    •    Getting wet
    •    Rainy days
    •    Being alone
    •    Having to sleep alone
    •    Going around at night
    •    The Shadow Realm. Boring, monotonous and without any color

    •    His stubbornness in achieving results.
    •    He can harden his skin and covers himself with his wings to protect himself.
    •    His speed; he can fly pretty quickly and has good reflexes.
    •    He can grab things with his tail, and slam them on enemies' heads.

    •    Getting wet, it makes him incredibly miserable.
    •    Being alone for a a lot of time.

    •    Finding people to stay with in order to not being alone, having other people to annoy or admitting he's cool.
    •    Learning something.  Maybe. More like "I'll try out every class to see what's more interesting."

    •    Getting lost in lonely places and finding himself alone because he suffers from eremophobia.
    •    Having his wings hurt.


   Stubborn | Teasing| A bit narcissist | Crybaby | Loyal | Outspoken | Flirty | Show-off

Kit can be a nuisance, but it's only because he loves teasing people and grinning at them. He has no problems at flirting with any kind of creature.

He has a constant need of having people around him. Even if they're not talking/paying attention to him, he just needs others' presence to feel okay.

He can be a loyal friend, though, and if you flatter him a bit, he will promote you to the "You are cool" category. Just say something nice about his hair or wings or eyes, and he will love you.

Kit may be a crybaby about some things,  for example if it is obvious that you're cooler than him or if you excel in something that he doesn't, he will complain and look at you with an agry face while his eyes are weeping. He will also do that if you don't congratulate when he does something right. Or when he feels really positive and good-looking and nobody notices that.

Kit might get violent, the way dragons are violent. He starts growling and before you realizes it, he might have already kicked you to the ground. He knows nothing about fighting techniques, he simply uses his body to hit. He gets violent if someone touches his hair or wings without his previous consent as well.


"Do you know what happens when a shapeshifter and a she-dragon like each other? They do the do and Kit shows up!"
 ,Kit about his birth.

That's exactly what happened. Kit's father, a shapeshifter, saw once the beautiful red scales of a she-dragon. He admired them so much that he got closer to the creature until he discovered they could communicate somehow. After some years spent together, they decided to try having a baby and Kit was born.

He was a pretty active kid and always ran around the place his father lived in. His mother wasn't a really caring one, it was mainly his father the one who took care of him. Being the only one of his kind, he never had a real friend but he spent his days with both dragons' and shapeshifters' children. His fear of being alone showed up when he was 6 and he got lost in a cave, while he was on a trip with some baby dragons. He found himself alone and couldn't find the way to the exit. Kit panicked and crawled in the dark, crying and screaming to be found.

After that experience, Kit gained that need of having people around him and at the same time, his constant teasing attitude. Dragons didn't mind that behavior but they aren't like people. Kit needed someone who he really could talk to. His shapeshifting abilities showed up at his 10th birthday. He now could hide his main dragon-like features (scales, horns and tail) but he never found the courage to hide his wings. The boy then wore heavy clothes to hide them underneath and went out in the real world, with normal people. At first he liked that kind of life but after some weeks he couldn't bear hiding his real self anymore and looked for a place where he could be his fabulous self. He found OtherWorlde, chose casually some courses and enrolled in.

Misc. Information:

    •    He can easily change his features' colors, length, shape. However it is a bit more difficult hiding his horns and tail, because his body have to "merge" with them, and it is quite painful.
    •    All his clothes leave his shoulders uncovered.
    •    He likes posing as a model. As a model. Yes.
    •    His skin is golden/orange-ish. Because he likes those colors.
    •    Every person who is just a bit shorter than him will be called "shortie" by him. Who is taller might go after the name of "giant" or "too tall dude"
    •    He loves giving nicknames to people.
    •    His tail is 2 meters long. It might get stuck. But it's beautiful so don't speak about it. Also, quite sensitive.
    •    His bones crackle. A lot, even when he is not shifting. This because at each minimum change of his emotional status, his molecules change.
    •   His wings membrane is really sensitive. Really, really.
    •   Phire, Thunder and Xero were Kit's best dragons.
    •   He sheds skin every three-four months. It is not totally embarassing, but it makes him moan when it's around sensitive areas.
    •    He owns lots of clothes. He needs a really big closet for the all of them.

Character Relationships
Go here ==> RP Tracker

Roleplaying Preferences
    •    Comments.
    •    I like both lit and script.
    •    Time Zone UTC/GMT : +1

Script Sample
Go looking in Neos' App. Too lazy to add one here too for now.
Lit Sample
Same as above.
Hey hey heey!
New update before school starts :nuu:
Read it all, because it's important!

Bullet; Orange About Life and Stuff Bullet; Orange 

School is starting soon and I still haven't finished all my homework.
This summer I've procrastinated too much :faint:
But I seriously do not know what to write about Machiavelli. Why the heck did he have to think about politics? D|
Meh, that's really bad.

I've been to a bday party...Never again tho... Music and dance and heavy lights are not for me.I got a kind of anxiety attack...Me is ashamed...

Watching, like, a ton of anime at the same time.
This is my Anime List. I have waaaaay many things I want to watch.

Ace Attorney 6 has been announced!!!! Explode la plz Hoooly shit, I'm so excited!!! But no Apollo Justice 2 and DGS localized...Capcom, I hate you

YAAAAAYYYY!!!!Dancing :la: I've been dreaming my owly bae these nights...secretly happy -///-

But, apart from this, I hope I'll be okay. Oikawa Okay Icon 

Bullet; Black :iconfrom-thedollmaker: Bullet; Black 
Go join the group! It is finally open! And it sounds exciting!
I have this baby in there

 Lucas App by glorypaintGR
If you want to meet him, JOIN!

Bullet; Red :iconotherworlde: Bullet; Red

I'm finally done with the Headshot Challenge.
You can check it out!
OW Headshots Challenge by glorypaintGR

Also, I keep on with roleplays as much as I can, but since the damn school is starting next week, I'll probably get even slower at replying ;A;
Plus, Neos will be back this term. I apologize if he'll be grumpy and/or rude. why am I being so mean to him? |'D

Bullet; Pink For my Winx Watchers Bullet; Pink 

Like said in the last Winx art, I was asking for suggestions about creating a new account.
Since I got no answer from W.artists, I've decided to made one.

It is :icongloryart-w: gloryart-W
Go watching me there if you enjoy my Winx art, because from now on, I'll be posting those stuff there. ;P

Bullet; Green Remind me of things... Bullet; Green 

I have my own list of things to do, but I'm probably forgetting things.
So, please, if you're waiting something from me, comment and tell me what it was though it shouldn't be too much...I hope
Don't invent things, though :XD:

Bullet; Yellow Future Contest Bullet; Yellow 

I'm approaching 200 watchers :dummy: Thank you so much!
When I'll get to that number, I'm gonna open a contest, both about my normal OCs (Neos, Carson, Kit...) and my Winx OCs (Ariana, Karin...)
So, I can't wait till that day :la:
Getting close!

Bullet; Purple Own Projects Bullet; Purple 

The Otome Game

I'm working slowly on characters' profiles, icons, ideas...And I've been looking at applications and tutorials to make games. TyranoBuilder seems pretty nice and easy, but I have no online money. I wanted to open a PayPal account but I need a PostePay card and I can't make a standard one till I am 18. I still have to wait 5 months so...
This project is on "stand-by" mode.

Fairy Characters

Working on the various transformations.
I'm too lazy to make up stories or storylines so my characters will be only visually portrayed.
But, hey, making them is really fun! I love creating outfits and wings! <3
Still, follow gloryart-W to be updated about this.

Fan Cures

I had stopped working on them for a while. To pick up again. Wish I was faster with pixel art so I could make them with it.

I think this is all. To the next update!

  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Ariana Grande - Break Free
  • Watching: too many things together
  • Eating: biscuits


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My name's Gloria, but you can call me Glory here :D
I'm Italian and I'm an hobbyst artist.

I love drawing my original characters but I have a passion for great designs, that I tend to sketch just for fun.

dA friends :dummy: no particular order
and more to be added

Second account for Winx art:

OW Smooch by glorypaintGR Smooch Bokutory by glorypaintGR

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