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Long live Sousuke.



OW: Carring The Princess XD by glorypaintGR
OW: Carring The Princess XD
:iconotherworlde: :iconotherworlde: :iconotherworlde:

Just before levaing tomorrow (I'll be back on Monday), I give you this ugly sketch of a RP between Neos and Eva.
Neos got bitten by her, to "get" the disease that is spreading in OW, and then he bit her back...with an embarassing bite on her neck >w< After that he was really really embarassed and he did not even feel so well.
Eva got worried and picked him up to bring him back quickly to his dorm.
"Prince Eva carrying Princess Neos" :XD:

Neos and art (c) me
It was quite a windy day at OtherWorlde. A lot of students were inside the different buildings, just a few ran the risk to stay outside.
Orange leaves flew through the air, cold breezes passed under the doors.

A glowing boy still had to finish his assignments, it was the last one. "Go looking for shells in a lake inside OW mountains!" was what Professor Glitch had told him and his classmate.
But he hadn't be able to talk to Kichi, no time to meet with. So he had to do that alone.

A shiver ran along Neos' spine and the boy tightened inside his cape.
He was getting ready to go out, though he really didn't want to. But he still had one assignment to fulfill and the time was running faster and faster. He put on his boots and took his scarf too.
The boy slowly closed the door of his room and took the staircases to the main hall.
He avoided the small groups that gathered there to chat, he passed the Dorm's door and left.

"As damn cold as I thought" he murmured. His breath formed little clouds of vapor in the air. He blinked a few times, to get a better view of the lonely street.
Walking quickly and heading to the mountains, he looked for something inside his pockets. He stopped near a gate and took out of his cape a small blue notebook.
"Uhm, where was it…" he thought looking through the pages. "Oh, there it is!" he pointed to a brief sequence of symbols. "Heating things - WS. Need some sort of catalyst to keep the warmth" he had written. It was a spell he learned during practice with Professor Razik.
They had tried different spells to change temperature and changing the physical states of the water.
The boy thought that one was quite useful in that cold day so he repeated the sequence in his mind a few times while looking for a rock.
He found one big enough and smooth. He took out a marking pen from his bag and traced the sequence on the rock. Gathering his magical power in his hand, he moved a small amount of magic to the rock in order to activate the spell.
A light blue light surrounded the stone and a pleasant warmth sprode from it.
"Ahh, way better. This will keep away some of the cold…" he sighed with relief.
Neos put the stone and the book in his pocket and headed to the mountain, ready to explore the underground lake.

After several minutes, the boy finally found an entrance to the galleries. He gave a small look inside. The cave looked black pitch, but that wasn't a problem for Neos.
His eyes seemed to glow even more to defeat the darkness.
Another shiver ran along his back so he hurried to go ahead.

He slowed his steps, paying a lot of attention to where he was going.
The ground was pretty wet and slippery. The boy lost his balance several times and once he also slid down a few feet.
His elbow hit a stalactite and he had to stop to cure himself when he felt some blood sliding along his arm. Another time his head touched a soft thing on the ceiling just to wake up a purplish bat who was resting upside-down.
The boy gave a scream when the bat started flying around his face.
The animal lost track of him only after… lots of different falls.
He sighed of relief when he finally reached an empty cave.

Neos sat on a big rock, while checking out the area.
"Uhm…." he muttered. "Well, there is a lake" he said quietly. "But it does seem a bit deep. I don't want to get in there."
The small lake had a diameter of 4-5 meters but the water, dark but clean, didn't let the boy see the bottom. Neos leaned out in order to get a better view of the surface.
It was calm and plain, only the vibration produced by Neos' feet on the ground rippled the flat surface.
Widening his eyes, he tried to spot anything inside the lake, but he could only notice some small gleaming fish and some seaweed.
"Argh, I will never dive in this" he complained. He was fine with water, but not with diving into a deep lake into a small cave while nobody knew where he was.
If he died there, nobody would have known.
"I'm so negative…" he thought.
The boy sighed quietly and gave another look to the bottom of the lake.
It wasn't so attractive.

Taking off his clothes, he stood there, in front of the dark water. His breath was already going faster as he approached to the end of the shore.
"After I get out, I use a spell to warm myself up and I stay all the day in bed… Hope I don't get a cold…" he thought.
He gave another look around, hoping to see seashells on the thin sand around the lake. But he had already checked, and no, there was none.
"Damn it… quick, fast, down and then out" he repeated in his mind. "It's gonna be freezing in there…"
"Three…", he still had time to refuse to do it.

"Two…", but it was the first assignment!


The boy quickly ran and jumped inside the cold, dark water.

His heart lost a beat when he felt the frost hitting him.
"Argh! It's damn cold!" he thought. Though he felt the cold entering his body, he forced himself to swim down.
His lungs already asked for oxygen but finally he reached the bottom. His eyes wanted to close but he quickly looked around, spotted some shiny shells and picked up the most he could.
He pushed the sand with his leg to go back to the cave. Swimming as fast as he could, the boy came out from the surface with his face.
Neos moved fast and landed on the sand.
He was trembling, his muscles shaking.
He drew a circle on the sand and after sketching into it some runes, he create a fire big enough to warm his up a bit.
He sat close to it while putting on his shirt, cape, gloves and shoes again.
"Phew…I'm still alive… Atchoo!" he sneezed loudly.
"Great…" he muttered while looking at what he got during his "immersion".

They were seven. Five bivalves, those ones looking like hand-fans, and two longer ones, with dark dots at their ending.
He chose the biggest of the bivalves, almost as big as his palm. It was reddish, whitish stains all over it.
Luckily it wasn't ruined or chipped, so he tidied it a bit with a sleeve then wrapped it inside a piece of cloth he had prepared.
Neos also took the longest ones. "Even if I don't use them, I'll put them on my shelf," he thought.
After throwing the remaining ones back to their place, he deleted a piece of the circle he drew, extinguing the fire.
With the shells safe in his pockets, the boy gave a last look to the lake.
Then he frowned, moving away a wet strand of hair in front of his face.
"I'll never come back here" he stated.

Neos turned his back and left the cave.
ELM 103: Deep, dark, cold water
:iconotherworlde: :iconotherworlde: :iconotherworlde:

I did it! :dummy: Last OW assignment for this month!
It's so cold where I live that I thought my little kid had to feel a bit of this cold too :giggle:
Poor Neos, he's probably in his bed now, sneezing all the time ^^;

But it was worth it, right? Now we have some...shells :XD: And a wet Neos, yes C:

It sure is full of mistakes, if you find any reallt bad one, tell me so I can fix it -.-


Neos and story by me c:
Prof Razik (c) Yekrutslover
Prof Glitch (c) viralremix
Kichi (c) Kittrex
Rex Universe
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I GOT AN ART BLOCK! Art Block Stamp by Khrinx I can't draw anything ;^; I mean, I have tons of characters but I don't know what they could draw on my sheets :nuu:

So please, if you can think about something suggest me something DX You can suggest a situation, a costume, something one of them they could say...You can also link some of your OCs that I might draw :D
What I draw:
-human/kemos versions of furry OCs ^W^

The sketch I'll make will be put in the next sketch collage :D 27/09/14 Sketches Collage 2 by glorypaintGR

I know I have two contest entries to submit, two chibies for onelittlefurrycat and OW's assignments but I've already done the sketches for them all...but I SERIOUSLY need something new to draw C:

LIFE UPDATE: school is boring...I mean, it's so so so tiring...I almost have no written exercises to do but I have to study almost 20 pages for every single damn subject NUUUUUU But during some lessons I can afford to draw a bit hehehe

Last Submissions:
AT: Melotina by glorypaintGRKemonomimi OCs by glorypaintGROtherWorlde: Neos' App Y2 by glorypaintGR

As usual, if you want to ask me anything, please do :D

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First of all, happy birthday little shark whale!!! ( Mah little Sousuke >w< ) :happybounce:

Second, awful news, SUMMER HOLIDAYS ARE OVER!!!Cry run  I can't believe that summer is already finished, why can't it be eternal?! Cry forever  I don't want to go back school tomorrow...I have to wake up at 6 a.m. to get the bus at 7.10, and school starts at 8.05 Cry emote Somebody tells me that it's only a nightmare! :sad: Me is so sad... ;^;

After this sad moment, let's go back to the update:

Bullet; Blue Due to the school beginning, art trades, requests and other are closed ;^; I might re-open commissions sometimes, but I still don't know how many homework I'll have to do this year ;^; I have a new subject, Philosophy, and I should also start English Literature :cry: I'm so sorry! After I finish the last two commissions (for Eelball and Nika2014, that I have already started), I don't even know if I'll be able to post a thing every week T^T I feel quite depressed...I should be able to enter a contest but for other things...don't know...

Bullet; Blue Though I probably won't be able to post things, I'll always be on dA to reply to comments, notes and whatever :D So, if you want to RP with any of my OCs, you're welcome to ask ;P I still have to reply to SAMSXCS last reply to our RP with Neos and Stein - I'm sorry! I'll try to reply tomorrow!

Bullet; Blue :iconotherworlde: It's a luck that Neos got the Heart thing from prof.Razik, so I can even don't make up his assignments for this month Phew! I've already prepared his sketch for his new App, hopefully he should pass the classes :giggle: Maybe I'll try at least to make LIN 102's one since it seemed to be the easiest one :)

Bullet; Blue :iconan-d3: The group is finally open! Please, come give it a look, we need members, Luke feels alone in there :giggle: Hope we'll receive some visitors! Wave

Bullet; Blue As usual, if you want to ask anything about my OCs, or directly to them (AskBox thing), please do :D I'd be glad to answer your questions :D

Bullet; Orange Carson's World's Update:
-My boy is pretty upset and angry because of his father. So, he's in a grumpy mood all the day.
-On the other hand, Kenny is happy like i-don't-know-what :giggle: Always wandering around, trying to convince his bro to follow him on his adventures.
-Cole (remember? What is happening to me... by glorypaintGR ==>I don't want to scare you... by glorypaintGR), after turning E.V.O. and getting also a full-crazy form, got normal! :dummy: He's still really exhausted, can barely stood up, but finally he's at home with his GF and team :happycry:
-Tory and Frost got married! They knew they're pretty young, but, with the risk of becoming E.V.O.s from a moment to another, they preferred doing it fast :giggle: Now, they're on their honeymoon :aww:
-Nega is pretty depressed, with no Stilio and no Cole to keep down Mitch, he's been through all sort of experiments small> why do I love torturing my OCs?!

-Diego is somewhere around the world, keeping in touch with his beloved Ky and finding a lot of treasures. He's planning to buy an house for them X3

Bullet; Blue I've already drawn a lot of new OCs, widened the Neko's band (that now counts Nai, Yoku, Aris, Krei, Crai Mad and Stoulfer lol names ) and other characters that probably I'll never use :facepalm: Somebody stops me.

Bullet; Blue Thank you for more than 15.328 pageviews :iconomgsocuteplz: I love you, guys!!! Thank you so much!

____________-____________---_____-___---_-________ FiNiSh UpDaTe....

Good night! a sparkle night 
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Tagged by :iconnika2014:

So, yeah, I decided to do it because I wanted to do something like this :giggle: And it's not me who has to answer :XD:


1. Choose some of your OCs

2. Make your OCs answer these questions

3. Tag other people

Chosen OCs: poor babies

-Carson: Salazar Brothers by glorypaintGR (on the left)

-Neos:OtherWorlde App: Neos by glorypaintGR

-Luke: Luke's App by glorypaintGR

-Nai: Nekos First Trio by glorypaintGR (central one)

-Kevin: Kevin and Jev Pxl by glorypaintGR (on the left)

-A. How old are you?
Carson: I’m 19.
Neos: S-sixteen...
Luke: Around 500, I keep the count on my diary ^_^
Nai: Why do you care? 21, however...
Kevin: 16.

-B. Do you want a hug?
Carson: Uhm...okay, I guess.
Neos: N-no, thanks...
Luke: All the hugs you want! :happybounce: 
Nai: F*** you. Yawn 
Kevin: Not even if you pay me :| (Blank Stare) 
-C. Have any bad habits?
Carson: I tend to eat a lot of sugar...wait, is it a bad habit?
Neos: I don’t speak a lot...and I’m always quite nervous...
Luke: How do you dare ask? Tantrum 
Nai: Everything I do seems to be a bad habit or thing.
Kevin: Nothing that you should care about...
-D. Are you a virgin?
Carson: //////////// Y-yes, still....
Neos: Of course!!!
Luke: What does it mean? Confused 
Nai: Hell yeah.Greetings 
Kevin: Who cares about those things? Yes, anyway.
-E. Have any kids?
Carson: No.
Neos: Of course not!
Luke:  No, but I like them :D
Nai: *shivers* Puah, kids... Dead (RIP) 
Kevin:  Who cares about kids, they're just nuisances...
-F. Favorite food or drink?
Carson: Meringues X3
Neos: Soft-berries.
Luke: Cakes! And biscuits! Oh, and ice-cream! And pies....
Nai: I like puddings.
Kevin: Pizza and coffee.

-G. Killed anyone?
Carson: Uhm, theorically no.
Neos: N-never....
Luke: :saddummy: This question makes me cry...I'd never do such a thing!
Nai: Nah...
Kevin: In videogames? A lot. Real life? Never touched anyone.
-H. Hate anyone?
Carson: Grump Yes. Cole.
Neos: Well, I don’t like a certain person so much...
LukeSad dummy 
Nai: Ah ah, yes. You and the rest of the world. (Yoku: Hey! Aris: He’s kidding, don’t worry Facepalm )
Kevin: A lot of people...well, maybe not “hate” but “dislike” for sure.
-I. Any secrets?
Carson: ////// Can we talk about something else? (Kenneth: He got a tattoo!!!)
Neos: I’m scared of...not important...
Luke: I have a bunny hoodie! And a cat hoodie!
Nai: I’m not going to tell you. Grump 
Kevin: Hah, passwords?
J. Love anyone?
Carson: -////- Still the same person....
Neos: the moment.
Luke: I love all my friends! We’re like a big family!!!
Nai: -.- Of course not.
Kevin: Geez, no.
-K. What is your job?
Carson: I was a kind of I’m
Neos: Student, at a Dark Arts academy.
Luke: Leader of the Pacifistics group! Trying to bring peace between Demonics and Angelics! :happybounce: 
Nai: Lazy guy.
Kevin: Gamer.
-L. Favorite season?
Carson: Winter....everything is so calm and silencious in it...
Neos: Autumn...not too cold, not too hot. Not too luminous nor too darker.
Luke: Spring and Summer!!!
Nai: Whatever... Just let me sleep in the morning.
Kevin: Summer...there’s no school.
-M. Who's your best friend?
Carson: A lovebird who got married and seems to have forgotten me... (Kenneth: And me?!)
Neos: Uhm, m-my brother.
Luke: Every single Pacifistics :D
Nai: Don’t have bestfriend. (Yoku: Hey! Aris: He’s kidding, Yoku. Don’t worry)
Kevin: Jev, game-partner.
-N. Hobbies?
Carson: Reading...spending time in my lab...Hating my father...
Neos: Studying...and exploring the forest...
Luke: Cooking!!! Want a biscuit?
Nai: Sleeping.
Kevin: Playing videogames and making gameplays.
-O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Carson: Oh....probably I’ll go out somewhere...
Neos: Enjoying the day...wait, it started raining...
Luke: Don’t know :) Whatever I want, I suppose.
Nai: I’ll go sleeping.
Kevin: Back to my Assassin’s Creed game.
-P. What is your eye color?
Carson: Light blue. Like ice, you know?
Neos: Shiny and glowing light blue...I look like a lamp...
Luke:  Green!!!
Nai: Red-orange.
Kevin: Brown, normal brown.
-Q. Are you good? Or bad?
Carson: Good, I think. But on the good side, for sure.
Neos: Uhm, good? O_o 
Luke: Good! I’m a pacific creature :)
Nai: Neutral.
Kevin: Bah, I don’t know...
-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?
Carson: I’d like...a smoothie. Or a meringue. I’m hungry.
Neos: My family, all of it.
Luke: A fluffy bunny or kitty...or a soft pillow X3
Nai: A cactus...or some pudding.
Kevin: The last version of a game I saw on Internet. It’s taking ages to arrive.
-S. What is your greatest fear?
Carson: S-scorpions....Don’t try to put one near me, please.
Neos: Heights...And small closed places.
Luke: Uhm, getting wet. I hate getting wet. Oh, and I’d be terrified if something touched my wings.
Nai: Getting an unwanted person in my house, that is already full of brats. (Yoku: Hey! Aris: -.-)
Kevin: Loosing a game...or lack of electricity.
-T. Does your name have a special meaning?
Carson: Uhm, I don’t know. Never asked.
Neos: It should be something like “Neon” know, those glowing lights...
Luke: My true name refers to Light (Luxer), Archangel because I’m one and Primus because I’m the first Archangel...or most important.
Nai: Nah...Oh, I don’t know.
Kevin: It’s a cool name, I’m cool with it.
-U. You have sisters or brothers?

Carson: A brother, yes. Little troublemaker and annoying ex-killer.
Neos: Nine :)
Luke: No, unfortunately. Angels don’t have families. They were born from light.
Nai: A crazy freak sadistic psycho.
Kevin: Luckily no.
-W. Where do you live?
Carson: United States of America...Can’t tell the exact location, reserved info.
Neos: At the moment at OtherWorlde.
Luke: In a town, pacific town :)
Nai: I won’t tell you so you won’t be able to find me again.
Kevin: Europe...
-X. Do you find yourself attractive?
Carson: Uhu, what do you mean? I think I’m quite attractive for girls ^^;
Neos: Oh, I don’t know.
Luke: I’m cute :happybounce: 
Nai: Yes. I like my face.
Kevin: Quite.
Y. What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off?
Carson: Ah ah ah. Too embarassing.Disbelief  (Kenneth: Once he was-) Shut up!
Neos: Embarassed myself in front of other people...trying to cover in every way my hair...
Luke: Oh, I can’t remember. Giggle 
Nai: Not a word about it.
Kevin: Epic fail on my first time playing with L4D.
-Z. Any last words?
Carson: Bye!
Neos: G-goodbye.
Luke: Come again! I’d be pleased to speak with you again! Wave 
Nai: Finally it’s over.
Kevin: Back to my beloved Xbox.

TAGGED: Who wants to do it, I don't like tagging X3
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